How to create Xero Sales Invoices for approval in ApprovalMax

How to create Xero Sales Invoices for approval in ApprovalMax

There are several options for creating Sales Invoices which are then run through the approval workflow in ApprovalMax: 
  1. Sales Invoice creation in Xero
  2. Sales Invoice creation in ApprovalMax 
  3. Sales Invoice creation in ApprovalMax as a copy of Quote

Sales Invoice creation in Xero

You can create Sales Invoices manually in Xero. Sales Invoices created in Xero must have the status Awaiting Approval, which enables ApprovalMax to pull them over for the approval workflow. Please also have a look at our two articles on How to set up Sales Invoice pulling from Xero and How to pull Sales Invoices from Xero .

Sales Invoice creation in ApprovalMax

To create Sales Invoices directly in ApprovalMax, add Requesters to the Sales Invoice creation step in the workflow:

Specify restrictions for Requesters in the Requester matrix:

All Requesters you add to the Sales Invoice creation step get access to Sales Invoice creation in ApprovalMax.

This is how a Sales Invoice can be created in ApprovalMax:

  1. Click on the "+NEW REQUEST" button in the top right-hand corner near your Avatar: 

  2. In the pop-up window, select the request type from the respective Organisation and click on CREATE A REQUEST:
  3. In the Sales Invoice request form, specify the particulars,  such as Client, Item details, Quantity, etc.:

    The Due Date of Xero Sales Invoices is adjusted automatically based on the Client's payment terms.

  4.  If you want to email approved Sales Invoices automatically to the Client, activate the "Email approved Sales Invoices automatically to the Client" checkbox:
  5. You can add attachments to that email by clicking on Add An Attachment under Attachments To Client.
  6. When you submit a Sales Invoice for approval, it will run through the predefined workflow.
  7. Once all approvals are in place, the Sales Invoice will be pushed to Xero in the status Awaiting Payment and include a detailed audit trail of the entire workflow as well as all attached documents.

Copy Xero Quote to Sales Invoice

Xero Quote Requester, who was also added as a Sales Invoice Requester can copy accepted Quote to a Sales Invoice.

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