How does the approval of Xero Sales Invoices work?

How does the approval of Xero Sales Invoices work?

ApprovalMax allows to set up multi-step approval workflows for Xero Sales Invoices.

This is how it works:
  • Sales Invoices are created and submitted for approval in Xero or created directly in Approvalmax.
  • ApprovalMax pulls these Sales Invoices including all relevant details and starts the multi-step approval workflow as pre-defined for them in ApprovalMax.
  • The respective managers get notified that their approval is required, and make their decision.
  • When all approvals are in place, the Sales Invoice status is changed to “Authorised” in Xero and the Sales Invoice is moved to the “Approved” list.
Learn how to set up approval workflows for Xero Sales Invoices.

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