How can I submit new Xero Sales Invoices for approval?

How can I submit new Xero Sales Invoices for approval?

Please note: the new Xero function for Sales Invoices "Auto-save Drafts" as well as any activity from the options menu will automatically approve the invoice at hand.

This is Xero behaviour and has nothing to do with ApprovalMax.

This is how it works:

During invoice creation, please check the status in the top left-hand corner:

Any of the actions illustrated below (except "Preview") will approve the invoice, change its status to “Awaiting payment” and skip the approval steps.

So, after creating an invoice, you need to use the top navigation to go back to aspx?invoiceStatus=INVOICESTATUS/DRAFT

Here, you can mark the invoice(s) and submit for approval. 

If you prefer the classic invoicing, you'll find a button to switch back at the bottom of the invoice:

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