How can an Organisation's Administrator request the transfer of an Organisation?

How can an Organisation's Administrator request the transfer of an Organisation?

ApprovalMax does support the transfer of Organisations to another account.
There are two ways to move Organisations between accounts:
  1. An Account Owner can start the transfer of Organisations that belong to their account.
  2. An Organisation's Administrator, who is not the owner of the account that contains these Organisations, can request the transfer of such Organisations from the Account Owner.

This is how the Administrator of an Organisation can request a transfer:

  1. In the main menu, select the Organisation you want to request a transfer for and open the “Organisation settings”:

    Please note: if you are not an Administrator/have not been invited to the Organisation, you will not be able to request a transfer. You'll need to get invited to this Organisation and have the Administrator role assigned to you first.

  2. On the Organisations page, click on the three-dot button in the upper right-hand corner and select “Request an Organisation transfer”:

  3. The process of transferring an Organisation will start as soon as you confirm by clicking on the "TRANSFER ORGANISATION" button:​

  4. After that, both you and the Account Owner will receive an email about the Organisation transfer that has been requested:

  5. The Account Owner will see the information on transferred Organisations under the Transfers tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page and can cancel or allow the transfer:

  6. If the Account Owner cancels a transfer, they need to provide a comment before clicking on “CANCEL ORGANISATION TRANSFER”:

  7. You will be notified by email that the Organisation transfer was cancelled:

  8. If the Account Owner agrees to the Organisation's transfer to a new account, they need to click on “ALLOW THE TRANSFER” to confirm it:

  9. After accepting the transfer, the Account Owner will see its status as “Transfer in progress”:

  10. As the last step, click on your Avatar in the upper right-hand corner and go to the Billing & Subscriptions page*. There, open the Transfers tab and confirm the transfer:

    The Billing & Subscriptions page is available for users with an account in ApprovalMax (Account owners). If you didn't have an account, it will be created automatically with Organisation transfer.

    Then decide whether you want to keep the Organisation as a trial (if a trial Organisation is transferred), buy a new subscription or add it to an existing one, or upgrade a subscription, and confirm the transfer:

    After that, the Organisation transfer process will be finalised and you'll receive a confirmation email.


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