How can an Account Owner transfer Organisations to another account?

How can an Account Owner transfer Organisations to another account?

ApprovalMax does support the transfer of Organisations to another account.
There are two ways to move Organisations between accounts:
  1. An Account Owner can start the transfer of Organisations that belong to their account.
  2. An Organisation's Administrator who is not the owner of the account that contains these Organisations can request the transfer of such Organisations from the Account Owner.
Important note: an Organisation transfer is not the same as the transfer of an account. If you need to transfer the ownership together with the subscription(s), there is a Beta feature available on request.

This is how an Account Owner initiates a transfer:
  1. The Account Owner can transfer Organisations from the Organisations tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page by clicking on the Transfer button:

  2. Next, select one or more Organisations from the same plan/of the same type and click on TRANSFER:

    A bulk transfer of Organisations is supported but all must be of the same plan/type. For example, trial Organisations can be transferred together, or ApprovalMax for Xero Standard NFP Organisations can be transferred together. However, the system does not allow a combined transfer of trial Organisations and Organisations on subscription. In order to transfer Organisations from different plans/of different types, the Account Owner has to perform two separate transfers.
Please note: Organisations with the transfer status “In progress” cannot be transferred:

  1. Enter the email address of the person you want to transfer the Organisations to, and confirm the transfer by clicking on TRANSFER ORGANISATIONS:

  2. All information about initiated transfers and their current status is visible under the Transfers tab on the Billing & Subscriptions page:

    If you are transferring more than one Organisation and click on the number in “Organisations in transfer”, you will see the information about the Organisations that are being transferred:

    From this page, you can also cancel a transfer if required.

  3. An email notification about the transfer will be sent to both the current Account Owner and the person to whom the Organisations are being transferred:

  4. If a person to whom the Organisations are being transferred has an account, they can accept or cancel the transfer on the Billing & Subscriptions page*, under the Transfers tab:
*The Billing & Subscriptions page is only available to users with an account in ApprovalMax (Account Owners). If the recipient doesn't have an account, they will need to follow the link in the email and create one:

  1. Once a transfer has been accepted, the recipient needs to decide whether they want to keep the Organisation as a trial (if it's a trial Organisation that's being transferred), buy a new subscription or add it to an existing one, or upgrade a subscription, and then confirm the transfer:

    After that, the Organisation transfer process will be finalised.

  2. Both you and the new Organisation Owner will receive a confirmation email:


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