When does an Organisation's Administrator get notified?

When does an Organisation's Administrator get notified?

There are some cases where an Organisation's Administrator gets notified, irrespective of the notification settings under “My profile”:

  1. Rejection according to a safety catch
    An Organisation's Administrator will be notified if a request is auto-approved or auto-rejected according to safety catch settings, i.e., there was no Approver added during the approval workflow setup provided that instant notifications are turned on in "My profile" settings. 

  1. Disconnection of an Organisation
    Unfortunately, disconnections do occur from time to time. If an ApprovalMax Organisation gets disconnected from the accounting Organisation, Administrators are notified and need to reconnect.

  1. Fraud detection – bypassing the approval workflow
    Administrators are notified about fraud activities if the checkbox "Notify the Organisation's Administrators about documents that bypassed the ApprovalMax workflow" has been activated in the Bill workflow settings:

  1. Issues with the lock date
    Administrators are also notified if a request cannot be processed due to the lock date.

  1. Summary of issues for Administrators
    In case there is any issue regarding an Organisation, the Administrator will be notified with the daily summary.

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