Does ApprovalMax support Xero Budget Checking in the mobile app?

Does ApprovalMax support Xero Budget Checking in the mobile app?

Yes, ApprovalMax does support Xero Budget Checking in its mobile app.

Here is what it looks like:

Click on the Budget to open its details:

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    • What is the Budget Checking feature?

      The Budget Checking feature makes sure that an Organisation does not overspend, i.e. does not spend more money than intended: Budgets are prepared either in Xero or some other 3rd-party system, and then uploaded/synced to ApprovalMax where Bills and ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support checking budgets against 0 lines?

      No, ApprovalMax currently does not support Budget Checking against 0 lines. We are considering this for future implementation though. However, no ETA can be provided at present.
    • Can I search for requests in the mobile app?

      No, the search function is not supported in the mobile app. Please use the web app to find particular requests. For more information, please refer to:  How to find a request in ApprovalMax (Xero) How to find a request in ApprovalMax (QuickBooks ...
    • Budget Checking filters

      When you're uploading/adding a budget in Xero, you can set filters for the Tracking Categories that will be applied to this particular budget. You can either select one of the existing tracking options, or use one of the following: Unassigned - Empty ...
    • What are budget check periods?

      On the Budget Checking page, the Organisation's Administrator can set a check period for the budget: Let's see how a budget is calculated for each period, taking into account the respective Xero settings. The overall budget is 20 USD per month for ...