Release 2023-08-22

Release 2023-08-22

 NEW  Watchers functionality is available for all integrations and Stand-alone workflows under the public Beta.
The "Watchers" functionality in ApprovalMax allows users to closely monitor and stay informed about specific approval requests within the system. When a user is assigned as a "Watcher" for a particular request, they will receive notifications and updates regarding the progress and status of the approvals, even if they are not directly involved in the approval process.

The Watchers functionality provides the following features:

1. Notifications: Watchers receive notifications via email when significant events occur within the request they are watching. This includes approvals or rejections, post approval changes, decision reworks, comments, adding/removing approvers/watchers, and marking PO as Billed/ Bill as Paid.

2. Visibility: Watchers can track the progress of the approvals they are monitoring within the ApprovalMax. They can see the current status, comments made, and any other relevant information related to the request.

3. Observation: Although Watchers do not have active participation in the approvals, they can observe the document, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

The Watchers functionality aims to provide visibility and engagement for users who need to stay up-to-date on specific approval processes without the need for direct involvement.

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please get in touch with us.

 NEW  The Price Checker for QuickBooks Online Purchase Orders, Bills and Expenses is available under the public Beta.
The feature Price Checker detects potential price deviations for each item and then informs users about it:
  1. If the deviation value is negative or one of the price values is null, the warning level is None.
  2. If the percentage of deviation is between 0 and 5%, the warning label is Yellow.
  3. If the percentage of deviation value is between 5 and 25, the warning label is Orange.
  4. If the percentage of deviation value is above 25, the warning label is Red.
The deviation calculation is triggered every time QuickBooks Online Purchase Orders/Bills or Expenses are being previewed, created or edited:

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please get in touch with us.

 NEW  Public API is available under the private Beta.
The ApprovalMax API provides the capability for other systems to retrieve data from ApprovalMax and display it in their own systems without requiring manual actions from individuals. This allows for seamless integration and enables the automation of data transfer processes. The primary use case involving the ApprovalMax API is for pulling data from the system, aggregating it based on the specific needs of the client, and presenting it in a format that aligns with the client's reporting and analytics requirements.

If you want to enable this beta feature for your ApprovalMax Organisation, please get in touch with us.

 FIXED  Several minor issues have been fixed, the overall performance and stability improved.

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