I'm going on holiday. How can I set up Out of Office and delegate my approvals?

I'm going on holiday. How can I set up Out of Office and delegate my approvals?

When going on holiday, or being on sick leave for instance, you can activate Out of Office. The person you specify here will be your Delegate and take care of requests submitted for your approval while you're unavailable.

Please note:

  1. It is not possible to loop Delegates
  2. Delegates cannot set a Delegate for themselves
  3. If the original Approver has the authority to review (i.e. is added as a Reviewer), their Delegate will inherit this role

This is how you set up Out of Office:

  • In the top right-hand corner, click on your Avatar and select Out of Office:

A pop-up will open and allow you to select a Delegate for each of the Organisations you are involved in and let you set a start and end date for the delegation period:

  • Set a Delegate and period of delegation, then click on SAVE to apply your changes:

    Setting a period of delegation is optional; if set, it includes both the start and end date.

    Once a Delegate has been specified, the original Approver won't be notified about pending approvals. If the Delegate is removed before he/she has authorised all Bills waiting for approval, the original Approver will receive a notification about all the requests still pending approval.

Please note: the Delegate won't see requests approved by the original Approver.

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