How can Administrators manage Delegates? (Stand-alone)

How can Administrators manage Delegates? (Stand-alone)

When Approvers are on holiday, either the Administrator or the Approvers themselves have the option to assign a Delegate to handle approval requests on their behalf. By setting a Delegate, all approval requests that would ordinarily be sent to the absent Approvers will instead be routed to their Delegates. The "Delegate approvals" window allows to specify a start date, indicating when the delegation will become active. During the delegation period, the Delegates will receive and handle the approval requests, ensuring a smooth workflow and continuity even when Approvers are away.

This is how an Administrator can set up a Delegate for an Approver:

  1. Go to the main menu, select your Organisation and open the Users page under Workflows And Settings:
  2. Hover over the Approver’s name and click on "Select a Delegate":

  3. Click on "Choose a Person", select a Delegate and set the delegation period:

  4. When the Delegate and delegation period have been set, click on DONE to save your changes: 

Please note: specifying a delegation period is optional; if set, it includes both the start and end date.

Once a Delegate has been set, the original Approver won't be notified about pending approvals. The specified Delegate will receive all incoming approval requests intended for this particular Approver while he/she is absent. If the Delegate is removed before he/she has authorised all Bills waiting for approval, the original Approver will receive a notification about all the requests still pending their approval.

Please note: the Delegate won't see requests approved by the original Approver.