How can I test a stand-alone solution?

How can I test a stand-alone solution?

Please follow the steps below to test a stand-alone solution:
  1. Navigate to the main menu  in the upper left-hand corner, in the Organisation selection section click on + Add An Organisation:

  2. In the pop-up window, select Connect Later and click on NEXT:

  3. Then, click on the CREATE button and design your own approval workflow: add Requesters and Approvers, specify rules and conditions. You can create as many approval steps as you need, before adding the relevant Approvers for each step by typing in their email address.

  4. When you finished the setup, activate your approval workflow:

  5. To create a new request, click on the CREATE NEW button in the top right-hand corner.
    Then select your Organisation and workflow, and click on the CREATE A REQUEST button:

  6. Fill in all necessary data in the request window and submit it for approval.
The request will now pass through the approval steps as set in the workflow based on rules. 
Once the approval process has been completed, an approval audit report gets attached to each request.

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