How can I create new fields in a request form?

How can I create new fields in a request form?

In stand-alone requests, you can create any drop-down field you need.
To do that, open the approval matrix of the respective stand-alone workflow:

Click on “Add field” and type in a name for the new field:

In the approval matrix, you can create additional entries for that field and set up rules for Approvers based on the conditions pre-set in these fields. You need to select “matches” or “does not match” and add all possible values in the created field:

Please note: all fields set up in the approval matrix will be available in the request form, so Requesters will be able to choose any of the values pre-set in the matrix.

Please note: fields and values will be sorted in alphabetical order, irrespective of the order of their creation.

When you're finished with creating new fields, click on “Done” and activate or update your approval workflow.

The following illustration shows how the newly created fields are displayed in the request form:



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