What is "Practice staff"?

What is "Practice staff"?

This feature allows the account owner/account manager/ user manager to add users to a Partner account (i.e. business account with approved Partner status) and gives them certain access to Practice staff members, the subscriptions and Organisations management, and the Partner portal for: 
  1. Managing users
    1. Add users to a Practice Staff
    2. Reinvite users
    3. Remove users from Practice Staff
    4. Assign a role
    5. View Organisations and processes
    6. Manage access to Organisations and assign Organisation-based roles
    7. Offboard users from all Organisations and workflows and add a replacement
  2. Certification management
    1. See users' certification status and download certificates
    2. Invite users to certification
The functionality of "Practice staff" is only available to the account owner/account manager/user manager. To open it, click on your Avatar in the top right-hand corner and then under the Avatar on the "Practice staff" menu:

This is what you can do in "Practice staff":
  1. To add a user, click on the "ADD NEW USER" button in the left corner.
  2. To reinvite a user who has not yet accepted/rejected an invitation, hover over the user name and click in the Status column on "REINVITE" next to the "Pending" status. 
  3. For users who have completed certification, the certification date is displayed along with a download button.
  4. You can send users who are not yet certified an invitation to certification by clicking in the Certification column on "SEND INVITATION" next to the user name.
  5. The number in the Organisations column reflects the number of Organisations that a user has been added to in any role. Clicking that link opens a pop-up with a list of those Organisations and workflows. This information is only displayed for users who have accepted an invitation:

  6. To change a user's role in Practice Staff, click on the respective role and select another one from the list (available only to the account owner):

  7. To remove a user from Practice staff, hover over the user name and click on the  button on the right. Then select "Remove from Practice staff":

    Clicking this initiates the user's removal from "Practice staff" (available only to the account owner).
  1. To manage access to all Organisations a user is involved in and assign the appropriate Organisation-based role in each one, click on the  button next to the respective user and select Manage Organisation Access:

    Then tick the checkboxes next to the Organisations to which you want to invite a user and assign the appropriate role and click on UPDATE:

    The user needs to accept the invitation to the Organisations:

  2. To off-board a user from all Organisations and workflows, and add a replacement, click on the  button next to the respective user and select Off-board:

    Choose a replacement and click on DONE:
Learn more about Practice Staff here.

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