What if a Beneficiary's bank details are modified in Airwallex?

What if a Beneficiary's bank details are modified in Airwallex?

ApprovalMax manages such Batch Payments differently - depending on whether the details were altered during the approval process, or before a submission is made.

Beneficiary bank details modified during the approval process:

If any changes or deletions are detected in a Beneficiary's bank details during the approval process, ApprovalMax displays a pop-up window with this information to the Payer and blocks the payment for that batch.

Beneficiary bank details modified before a submission:

You can check for changes in the Beneficiary's bank details while preparing an Airwallex Batch Payment. To do so, add lines to the batch, then click on CHECK BENEFICIARIES to start the validation:

  1. If the changes were made by mistake and are irrelevant, they should be rectified directly in Airwallex so that the Batch Payment can proceed. Alternatively, the Requester can cancel this Batch Payment and create a new one once the bank details were corrected in Airwallex.

  2. However, if the bank detail changes are relevant and require attention, the Requester in ApprovalMax can apply the list of actual bank details in Airwallex:

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