Is it possible to change a Purchase Order after its final approval? (Cin7 Core)

Is it possible to change a Purchase Order after its final approval? (Cin7 Core)

It is not possible to change in ApprovalMax Purchase Orders pulled from Cin7 Core.

If changes are inevitable, however, authorised users are able to make them to the Purchase Order in your accounting software (such as Cin7 Core).

Before the final approval, any changes will be synced to ApprovalMax and reflected in the Purchase Order.
Please keep in mind that the approval process will restart from scratch in this case.

When the approval process has been completed, any alteration will be synced back to ApprovalMax for it to track all changes made to a finance document in Cin7 Core after its authorisation in ApprovalMax. The Organisation's Administrators will be notified in due course - if the setting Fraud Detection – Changes After Approval has been activated. You'll find more details here.

Alternatively, you can create a new Purchase Order and ask to have the previous one voided in Cin7 Core. 

If the changes made were to increase the Purchase Order amount, it's recommended to create a new (additional) Purchase Order for the difference between the two amounts. This will avoid changes in Cin7 Core.

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