How to grant access to an Organisation in the ApprovalMax Public API

How to grant access to an Organisation in the ApprovalMax Public API

The process of granting access to an Organisation consists of the following steps:

1. Initiate user authorisation: generate an URL with the necessary parameters. This URL will direct account owners/ account managers to the ApprovalMax Public API consent page.

2. Grant access to the Organisation via the Consent page: on the Consent page, account owners/ account managers can select the particular Organisations to which they want to grant access. This gives them control over which Organisations your application can access.

3. Redirect with an authorisation code: account owners/ account managers will be redirected back to your application, with an authorisation code. 

4. Exchange for access token: in the next step, you'll exchange the received authorisation code for an access token. This exchange takes place through the token endpoint, using the appropriate parameters.

5. Receive tokens: the token endpoint verifies the request parameters and, after successful validation, generates the tokens in its response. These tokens, such as the access token, are essential for making authorised API calls on behalf of the account owners/ account managers.

Once you have successfully completed the OAuth flow, you'll be granted an access token that enables you to act on behalf of the account owners/ account managers. With this access token, you can determine the connected Organisations the account owners/ account managers have authorised within your app. You can make API calls and perform actions specific to those Organisations.

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