Redirecting users back to your application with an authorisation code

Redirecting users back to your application with an authorisation code

When users authorise your app and interact with the ApprovalMax Public API, the API will redirect them back to the redirect_uri that you have specified. During this redirection process, certain parameters will be included in the URL:
  • code: represents a temporary authorisation code. It is unique and can only be exchanged once. The code is valid for a limited time, and expiring 5 minutes after it was issued. You should capture this code and use it to obtain an access token for further API interactions.

  • state: serves as a security measure to protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks. When you initiate the authorisation process, you include a state value. During the redirection back to your app, the API will include the same state value. By comparing the returned state value with the one you initially provided, you can ensure that the authorisation request was initiated by your app and not by a malicious third party.

  • If any errors occur, or the user denies the request, the ApprovalMax Public API will redirect back to your redirect_uri with an "error" answer.

  1. GET /callbackUrl
  2. ?code=DB8B007567145099751604AA22EB6D1029F36391A5264EBC5D44CC26650FDC8C 
  3. &
  4. &state=irtCNYKKh5OkUeGkubeVoI8wvvHGqr
  5. &session_state=XArr8dlww7lJZ_UMDKxnUK8px5InpQpTgMGFlFyU7H8.8ED65A9A53326EACCB42CC1FEE5900F8

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