How can I stop pulling Bills from Xero?

How can I stop pulling Bills from Xero?

Xero-connected users have several options for creating Bills in ApprovalMax:
  1. By pulling Bills with the "Awaiting Approval" status from Xero
  2. By creating Bills directly in ApprovalMax
  3. By creating via direct integration between ApprovalMax and Dext
If you have first option turned on and now want to stop pulling Bills from Xero, you need to disable this feature in the "Bill creation, review and approval" workflow.
Please note: currently, you will be able to remove a Requester from "Pull from Xero" section and deactivate pulling Bills from Xero, if you have direct integration with Dext enabled only if you have at least one Requester in "Create Bills in ApprovalMax" section.

This is how it works:

Go to the "Bill creation, review and approval" workflow and remove the Requester in the "Pulling from Xero" section. Then click on "UPDATE THE WORKFLOW":

If you don't want to use Bill approval at all, then just deactivate the Bill approval workflow:

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