How can I set up an approval matrix?

How can I set up an approval matrix?

This is how you define the conditions for the selection of Approvers in a step:

  • In the main menu, select your Organisation and open the Approval Workflows page under Workflows and Settings:

  • Choose the approval workflow:

  • In the workflow, navigate to the respective step and open its approval matrix by clicking on the approval matrix icon :

  • If necessary, add Approvers for this step via the button.

  • Specify the conditions that will determine who approves what.
    A user will be selected as an Approver when the specified criteria are fulfilled, as illustrated in the example below:

  • Joanna will be added as an Approver in the CFO Approval step if one of the Accounts in the Bill matches Expenses.
  1. Nicolas will approve requests with an Amount (GBP) over or equal to 5,000 or if the Account matches Rounding Gain/Loss irrespective of the amount.