Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite Custom fields?

Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite Custom fields?

Yes, currently, ApprovalMax supports custom fields from NetSuite:

How to enable NetSuite custom fields in ApprovalMax

  1. In the main menu select your Organisation and open "Fields" page in the "Workflow and settings" section.
  2. Add custom segments/fields you want to be visible in the request synced from NetSuite on the header/line item level.


How NetSuite custom fields look like in ApprovalMax

Custom fields values synced from the NetSuite are rendered as a standard field in the following order:
  1. custom fields are shown after standard fields (both for header & lines)
  2. custom fields are rendered according to the Order property set during setup (segments are shown first, then custom fields are shown)

Data Sync details

ApprovalMax starts synchronising custom fields data only after you have selected specific fields and published the changes on the "Fields" page:
  1. During the next data syncs, ApprovalMax will grab custom field data for new or updated documents pulled from the Oracle NetSuite.
  2. If some documents have been synced from the Oracle NetSuite before, the custom field data won't be synced for these documents automatically. It will be synced only if such a document is changed in the Oracle NetSuite after the custom fields settings in ApprovalMax are published.
  3. Similarly, if one disables custom fields settings in ApprovalMax, the custom fields data won't immediately disappear from previously synced documents. Custom field data will be deleted only for the documents changed in the NetSuite and will be a part of the usual data sync.


There are limitations in the setup and usage of NetSuite Custom fields.
  1. Approval Matrix = supported (Reference, Checkbox and Number types)
  2. Preview Form = supported
  3. Edit Form = supported
  4. Reports = not supported
  5. Search = not supported


  1. Custom fields data sync will work only if the ApprovalMax role in the NetSuite contains all required permissions. In particular: Custom Body Fields, Custom Column Fields, and Custom Segments.

  2. Also, if your custom fields are referencing custom record types, you need to add permissions for the  ApprovalMax role for such record types on the "Permissions => Custom Record" subtab on the role page.

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