Business validation errors: reasons for why a request gets rejected (Xero)

Business validation errors: reasons for why a request gets rejected (Xero)

Occasionally, requests get rejected by Xero after the final approval in ApprovalMax.
Below we explain some of the most common error codes and what to do about it:

Error Explanation Troubleshoingot steps
Account code ‘0000’ has been archived or deleted. Each line item must reference a valid account.

The Account code you selected has been archived in Xero.


Either the Requester or an Accountant who has access to Xero needs to restore that Account code in Xero, and resubmit the request for approval.


Unknown tracking details. A Tracking Category did not match a known active Tracking Category.

Changes have been made to the Tracking Categories in Xero. Most probably, the request's origin is ApprovalMax.

1. Manually sync the Xero-related data
2. The Requester needs to remove and re-add the Tracking Categories, then resubmit the Purchase Order
3. An Administrator can force-approve the request

Account code or ID must be specified.

No Account code (ID) was specified in the request.

The Requester needs to add a valid Account code for each line and resubmit the Bill for approval.
Alternatively, an Approver in the first step who is also a Reviewer can add a valid Account for each Item during the review process and then approve the Bill.

The Contact with the specified contact details has been archived. This Contact must be un-archived before creating new Invoices, Credit Notes or Purchase Orders.

The Supplier used in this request has been archived or merged in Xero.

You need to restore the archived or merged Contact in Xero and resubmit the request for approval.
Alternatively, amend the request in ApprovalMax by adding the details of an active Contact.

You have reached the limit of Invoices you can approve.

There is a submission limit on your Xero account and you have reached the maximum number of transactions that can be lodged in Xero. This limit is often related to the subscription plan you have with Xero, which may restrict the number of Bills that can be processed.

Check which Xero plan is currently being used and consider contacting the Xero support to request an extension of the Bill limit.

For additional assistance, you can visit the Xero support page on

The Tax amount cannot be greater than the line amount.

This error usually occurs during rounding when you attempt to publish a transaction from Dext. In case of multi-line items, transactions can be submitted with a rounding line adjustment, if the LineAmount is 0 and the TaxAmount is -0.01.

Carefully review and edit all lines in the request. It might be necessary to split some into separate lines to eliminate any rounding adjustments that could be causing a problem.

The document date cannot be earlier than the lock date, currently set as <date>.

A lock date prevents changes being applied to transactions that took place during a past period. Once a lock date has been set, you cannot add or edit transactions in Xero dated earlier than that lock date. For more details, please refer to Xero lock date.


Either alter the request's date or change the lock date in Xero.
For more details, please refer to this article in our Knowledge Base.

Discounts may not be applied to ACCPAY invoices.

In addition to this error, you might be shown the message 'This document has lines associated with a Project. Please either supply LineItemIDs to maintain this association, or remove the connection to the Project.'

Both these errors are related to a bug with Purchase Order discounts on the Xero side. The root cause is: when a Purchase Order with a discount in a Line Item is copied to a Bill in Xero, the discount is displayed in the subtotal of the Bill. This prevents the Bill from being approved via the API.

Xero has now fixed the bug and this information is just in case it should occur again in the future.

The Bill Requester needs to create a new Bill from scratch (not copied from a Xero Purchase Order or copied from another Purchase Order), without any discount.

Item code '000-0000' is not valid.

An Item has been deleted in Xero and is no longer available for sales and purchases.

The Requester needs to edit the request with a new Line Item and resubmit it for approval.

Item <00:000> has incorrect inventory asset account specified.

To track your Inventory Items, you should complete the Inventory Asset Account column with the Account code for a relevant Inventory Account. If the Account code provided is not an Inventory one, there will be an error when importing your file into Xero.

Verify the Inventory Asset Account code to ensure that your Inventory Items are tracked correctly.
Enter a relevant Inventory Account code (account type of Inventory) in the Inventory Asset Account column of your Chart of Accounts.

"Credits must equal debits. Accrual debits must equal accrual credits". This error relates to Xero's internal checks. Please contact the Xero Support for more details.
This document has lines associated to a Project, please either supply LineItemIDs so that this association can be maintained, or else remove the connection to the Project.

ApprovalMax returns this error for a Bill containing links to Xero Projects that was edited in ApprovalMax.

Make sure that Bills containing a link to a Xero Project do not get edited in ApprovalMax. Create a new Bill from scratch with the necessary amendments, sync it to ApprovalMax, and force-approve if necessary.

Alternatively, you can submit it for approval without editing it again.
The TaxType code 'xxx' cannot be used with account code 'xxx'.

Certain Tax rates can only be used with certain Account types. This varies depending on the rate and country. Sending a Line Item with a Tax rate that can't be used with the Line's Account code will generate this error.


Make sure that the Tax rate selected in the Tax drop-down field for the Item (or Line Item) is compatible with the selected Category.
This article
has more details on how to ensure that the Account type and Tax type are a valid pair.

Account code “0000” is not a valid code for this document.

The Show In Expense Claims checkbox for the Category has not been selected in your Chart of Accounts in Xero.

In your Xero account, go to Accounting > Advanced > Chart of Accounts. Open the relevant Account code and activate the "Show in expense claims" checkbox.
Next, sync the Xero-related data to ApprovalMax. The Requester can then resubmit the request.