How is a lock date handled?

How is a lock date handled?

What is a lock date in Xero?

If you have the Adviser user role, you can set a lock date to stop changes being made to transactions during a past period. After you've set a lock date, users can't add or edit transactions in Xero if the transaction date is earlier than the lock date.

Learn more about lock dates here.

How ApprovalMax handles documents with a lock date

Administrators of an Organisation have the choice between two options for the handling of documents with a date prior to the lock date:
  • Either such documents are blocked for approval until their date or the lock date is changed manually in Xero
  • Or their date gets automatically changed to "Lock date + 1 day"
This is what it looks likes:

If the first option is selected, documents dated earlier than the lock date will be locked:

If the second option is selected, the
date of a document will be changed automatically to "Lock Date +1" after its approval:

In Xero you can set two look dates - if both are set, the later one will be used:

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