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            Why requests are getting auto-rejected or auto-approved?

            Approval requests are getting auto-rejected (or auto-approved) if there are no approvers for them according to the approval workflow settings.

            The setting that defines whether request will be auto-rejected (set by default) or auto-approved, is called "Safety catch":

            How to avoid auto-rejection or auto-approval:
            • Try to make sure that all possible cases are covered in the approval matrix, so that always at least one Approver will be selected
            • Use a Default Approver: if nobody is selected as an Approver in a particular step according to the workflow rules, then the previously defined Default Approver will be added
            • Add a fallback step in the very beginning / at the very end with an "Always approves" condition

            Updated: 27 Mar 2019 02:24 AM
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