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            Why is the accountant not getting notified?

            All Bills in the Bill approval workflow are created on behalf of a user called "Xero Requester". This user is notified about all key events: approvals, rejections, comments.

            A common reason for the Xero Requester to not get any notifications is that the profile setup for him was not completed because he didn't accept an invitation. ApprovalMax only notifies users who were invited to the system and accepted the invitation.

            Please follow these simple steps to fix the problem:
            • Log out from ApprovalMax (assuming that you are logged in under your email address).
            • Go to the ApprovalMax reset password page:
            • Enter the Xero Requester's email address (say and click on "Reset".
            • Go to the inbox ( in our case), click on the link and complete the profile setup.
            • After that, email notifications will be sent to You can set the notification checkboxes in the Xero Requester's "My profile".

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 02:19 AM
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