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            Who needs to have access to Xero?

            The person who connects ApprovalMax to Xero needs full access to the Xero file.

            Approvers who approve Bills, Purchase Orders, and other documents don't need access to Xero in order to approve documents in ApprovalMax — this is one of the core benefits of ApprovalMax.

            Requesters who create Purchase Orders in ApprovalMax don't need any access to Xero, another major advantage.

            Accountants who work in Xero and raise Bills there do need access to Xero. They must be given an appropriate role allowing them to create and submit approval requests. Unfortunately, this means they will also be able to approve Bills themselves.

            To cover this gap, ApprovalMax provides a Fraud detection feature which provides tracking of all documents that are created and approved directly in Xero without going through the pre-defined approval workflow in ApprovalMax. Administrators are notified of such events.

            If a data entry solution (OCR) such as Receipt Bank is used, persons who submit Bills for approval don't need access to Xero — the Bill can simply be sent to an email address provided by the data entry tool. This does help prevent inappropriate Bill approvals directly in Xero as well.

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