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            Where can I find the reporting function?

            To access the Reporting feature, select "Reports" in the menu under your Organisation.

            There are 5 default reports available, which can be adjusted if needed:
            • Bills pending approval
            • Purchase Orders pending approval  
            • Bills approved this month  
            • Purchase Orders approved this month  
            • Potential Fraud detected
            There is also an option to create your own report with filters that will suit your needs.

            When you create a new report, give it a name by filling in the field "Report name" first. Next, you can choose and apply filters to your report.  

            The following options are available:
            • Rename report
            • Export to CSV file
            • Print report
            • Remove report
            • Edit report filters
            • Sort information in the column
            • Move columns
            • Download audit reports archive for all requests
            • Create accrual report for Xero

            To move columns, just use drag and drop.

            To sort the information in a column, click on the  button.

            To apply all changes to the report, save them.

            Updated: 18 Feb 2019 09:51 PM
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