What happens to the customer-owned data?

            You are the owner of all data input provided by you and all your output (collectively “Your Data”). 

            ApprovalMax does make backup copies of Your Data. ApprovalMax may store and maintain Your Data for such period of time as it deems necessary. You grant ApprovalMax a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to copy, store, record, transmit, display, view, print, or otherwise use Your Data to the extent necessary to perform its services. 

            ApprovalMax never discloses Your Data to any third party. Your Data will not be used by ApprovalMax for any purpose other than the provision of services to you and as provided in the ApprovalMax Privacy Statement. 

            Upon termination, ApprovalMax will make commercially reasonable efforts to make Your Data available to you in read-only mode for the period of one year. ApprovalMax has no obligation to provide you with a copy of Your Data and may remove and discard any data thereafter. 
            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 07:45 AM
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