Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2019

            Release 2019-06-29

             NEW  Requester notes in Purchase Orders

            As a Requester, you can now add notes to your request that will be shown to Approvers.

             IMPROVED   Extended contact creation

            When creating a new contact in a Purchase Order request, you can now add finance information (default accounts, tracking category values, tax information for sales and purchases, currency and bank account details) and this will also be pushed to Xero.

             IMPROVED   Xero synchronisation refactoring

            The core jobs are now done faster and with increased stability.

             IMPROVED   Attachment refactoring

            The attachment of documents has been fine-tuned.

             IMPROVED  Error message when trying to connect Organisations that are already connected to a Xero file
            If you try to connect an ApprovalMax Organisation to a Xero file that is already connected to another ApprovalMax Organisation, you'll see an error message.

             IMPROVED   Improved overall stability, and some minor issues fixed

             FIXED Fixed the issue with saving budgets (β).

            Updated: 11 Jul 2019 08:38 AM
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