Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2018

            Release 2018-03-25

            1. Updated the sign-up wizard: added additional questions to determine which accounting system is in use
            2. Design update for many screens in order to make them more intuitive; this includes an update of pretty much all texts as well as the addition of a "Connected to Xero" confirmation screen after the connection was established
            3. The "Help" section is now more visible and includes not just 3-4 links to KB articles but also links to "How-to" videos and the "Support and training package" offer
            4. The "Delegates" screen has been reworked and now shows the actual user status (Active/Pending, etc.)
            5. The original amount of a Purchase Order is now shown in the "PO Balance" field, instead of "-" in reports, if a Purchase Order has not been matched to a Bill
            6. Fixed the issue of the filter "By planned payment date" not working
            7. The size of an attachment will now be checked straight away, not after its upload. If a user tries to attach a 100 MB file, for example, ApprovalMax will warn immediately, not only after the file upload was completed (as it was done before)
            8. The file size limit for QuickBooks Online Purchase Orders has been increased to 25 MB, and for stand-alone requests to 10 MB; for Xero, it remains 3 MB due to technical limitations of the API that we currently use
            9. For security reasons, we no longer show direct links to attachments to anyone anywhere
            10. Fixed the issue of users re-appearing in the user list in certain situations
            11. Fixed the design of the "Xero synchronisation" button
            12. Fixed the issue with sorting stand-alone fields
            13. Fixed the issue with certain Classes not being loaded from QuickBooks Online
            14. And a bunch of other fixes

            Updated: 11 Mar 2019 01:57 AM
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