Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2017

            Release 2017-09-15

            1. New sign-up and log-in experience: a password-strength checker now shows which conditions are met and which are not
            2. Better user management: it is now possible to add users in bulk, and the overall user experience for user management has been enhanced
            3. Improved invitation process: users now need to accept an invite before they can actually be added to the Organisation
            4. The Requester, approval, review and coding matrixes as well as the user list are now working faster; having 250 users in the system is no problem at all
            5. Fixed the issue of the "Date = Today" condition in reports not working properly sometimes (time-zone-related issue)
            6. Fixed the issue of the "Approval required" notification not working when Approvers have been changed manually
            7. Some additional UI polishing

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 02:40 AM
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