Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2017

            Release 2017-01-20

            This release includes a number of significant product enhancements, among others:

            Reporting enhancements:

            1. The "Planned payment date" is now available in ApprovalMax as one of the filter criteria for Bills and Purchase Orders; the Planned payment date is set in Xero and can now be used in ApprovalMax as a parameter for the creation of custom reports
            2. Reports now include links to the audit reports associated with each approved Bill, Purchase Order, and Sales Invoice
            3. Reports can now also include data on the duration of the approval period, which is calculated from the moment a finance document was submitted for approval until the document was actually approved
            4. Reports now include line items such as tracking categories or accounts, which can be used as parameters for the filter settings

            Fraud Prevention capability:

            ApprovalMax now provides enhanced control over changes to Bills and Purchase Orders made outside of ApprovalMax and the predefined approval workflow, which could potentially lead to fraud.

            Two scenarios are supported:
            1. Scenario 1: changes are made to a Bill or a Purchase Order in Xero after the Bill or the Purchase Order has been approved in ApprovalMax. In this case, ApprovalMax will pull the Bill or Purchase Order from Xero with the updated data and notify the ApprovalMax Administrator (who owns control of the approval workflow) about the changes made.

            2. Scenario 2: changes are made to a newly created Bill or Purchase Order in Xero without them going through the predefined approval workflow in ApprovalMax. In this case, ApprovalMax will pull the latest version of the Bill or Purchase Order and route it through the respective approval process. A notification about the changes made will also be sent to the ApprovalMax Administrator.

            Xero integration enhancements:

            1. An Organisation's time zone is now automatically captured from Xero once the integration has been set up; this is similar to the recently introduced automatic capture of the currency set in Xero
            2. Negative amounts in Xero documents will now be shown as negative in ApprovalMax too
            3. Bug fix for the renaming of a tracking category in Xero breaking rules in ApprovalMax
            4. Bug fix for the “Go to Xero” button leading to the “Edit page” instead of the “View page” in Xero

            QuickBooks Online integration enhancement:

            1. Bug fix for the QuickBooks Online Purchase Order number missing in the audit report

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