Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2016

            Release 2016-12-13

            A highly anticipated reporting feature is now available for all Xero-connected Organisations. It has been designed to meet the daily needs of our users by offering them an aggregated view of the approval progress; filtered by Approver, supplier, due date, and other selected criteria. 

            Default reports are now available to support the most common reporting scenarios. Custom reports can be configured based on any reporting criteria needed. 

            Reports can now be saved and downloaded as a print-ready document, or exported as a .CSV file. 

            Some of the scenarios covered by this newly available feature are: 
            • Get a complete overview of all Bills pending authorisation.
              Spot bottlenecks or find out who you’re waiting for, and take the appropriate action to speed up the process.

            • View the current status of Purchase Orders.
              This is useful for checking whether Purchase Orders have been auto-approved by mistake due to incorrect conditions set in the approval matrix. You can also review all rejected Purchase Orders in case something was rejected by mistake, or should be reviewed and approved at a later date.

            • View all Bills forced by an Administrator.
              Perhaps you’re too busy and decide to delegate the approval process to the platform Administrator. You can now run a report and review the approvals later.

            • See the Bills or Purchase Orders that have been approved but have not been fed to Xero.
              Occasionally, a Xero update can break the integration between Xero and ApprovalMax. This report can help you stay on top of any outstanding approvals.

            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 03:39 AM
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