Knowledge Base ApprovalMax Release Notes Year 2016

            Release 2016-12-01

            1.  New update for the iPhone and Android apps (version 4.0), including:
            • Purchase Order creation for QuickBooks Online
            • Enhancements and bug fixing (including the issue with approvals by an Auditor who is also the Approver)

            2.   A series of general enhancements and bug fixing, such as:
            • Fixed the issue of the .PDF file of a Purchase Order that was raised in ApprovalMax disappearing after a while
            • Xero attachments which contain special symbols such as % or [ and ] are now being processed properly
            • Bill names are now populated correctly in reports
            • The order of Purchase Order line items is now being preserved during the creation in Xero after the approval
            • Improved workflow preview form (the styles have been updated)

            Updated: 31 Mar 2019 03:31 AM
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