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            How to add users in ApprovalMax

            This is how you add users in ApprovalMax:

            • Go to Organisation > Users
            • Click on the  button and type in the user’s email address. 
              You can enter multiple email addresses; separated by comma, semicolon, or whitespace.
            • Then click on the  button. When all users are on the list, click on "Next".

            • In the dialogue window, specify whether you want to invite users right away or not. Optionally, you can leave a short message there to be sent with the invitation email.

            • To send the invitation, click on “Finish”.

            • Once the invitation has been sent, the status is Pending.
              You can resend the invitation or delete the person invited by clicking on “Invite again” or “Remove user” respectively.

            • When the invitee has accepted the invitation, their status changes to Active and you can proceed with the settings for this person.

            Feel free to watch our video tutorial for a walk-through.

            Updated: 05 Apr 2019 01:24 AM
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