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            How can I overwrite a decision (force an approval or rejection)?

            As the Administrator of an Organisation you can use the option of forcing an approval or rejection for any open approval request.

            There are two things to keep in mind when thinking about forcing a decision:

            • You must be an Administrator for the relevant ApprovalMax Organisation
            • The approval request must be pending (i.e. not Approved / Rejected or Cancelled)

            If both are true for a particular approval request, you can force its approval or rejection.

            Case 1
            If you are an Approver for the current step, you will see the standard “Approve” and “Reject” buttons. Next to it is a small button with a “lightning” on it. Click on it to force the approval / rejection of the entire request, regardless of the following steps.

            Case 2
            If you are not an Approver for the current step and the request is still open, you’ll see a large “FORCE DECISION” button.

            Case 3
            In case you’ve already approved the current request but it is not yet closed, you can still force your decision and close the item. Use the large “FORCE DECISION” button next to the info “APPROVED BY ME”.

            Leave a comment: for the audit trail and to explain your decision to the other Approvers.

            After you select Force approval / rejection, a popup for leaving a comment will appear. This will find its way into the audit trail and prevent any future guesswork regarding the reason for doing so.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 12:37 AM
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