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            Can I download multiple audit reports in a single archive?

            Yes, multiple audit reports can be downloaded as an archive with a single click. This facilitates the preparation of the document package for bulk payment approvals.

            This is how you download multiple audit reports in a single archive:
            1. Go to Organisation > Reports.
            2. Open the report or create a new one.
            3. Click on the “three dots” menu.
            In the drop-down menu, select "Download audit reports archive for all requests".
            Please note: the archive will include only the audit reports for approved requests. Also, only those audit reports will be included in the archive that are shown in the opened report.

            If a different collection of audit reports is needed, such as audit reports for Bills of the past month, it can be assembled by setting a filter for "Bills of the past month" and clicking the "Download audit reports archive for all requests" in the “three dots” menu.

            The audit reports archive will be sent to you by email once compiled.

            Updated: 02 Mar 2019 02:06 AM
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