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            Are there volume discounts available?

            Yes, we do offer volume-based discounts which is good news for multi-entity organisations implementing ApprovalMax.

            Since ApprovalMax is licensed on a per-Organisation basis (for details please refer to How ApprovalMax is licensed), the volume discount depends on the number of Organisations being purchased.

            Volume-based discounts are applied individually for each subscription. For example: if you buy two subscriptions, one for 10 Organisations and one for 4 Organisations, you'll get a discount based on 10 Organisations for the first subscription and a discount based on 4 Organisations for the second subscription.

            To see what discounts are available, please select the number of Organisations you’d like to purchase on the Pricing page:

            If you need more than 10 Organisations, please contact our sales team on and request a quote.

            Updated: 27 Mar 2019 02:32 AM
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