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            Accrual report .CSV file for Xero Manual Journal entry

            In ApprovalMax, the Bill accrual feature allows users to generate collections of open Bills using the ApprovalMax filtering and reporting capability. The resulting .CSV file will be transferred to Xero automatically via its capability for importing manual journal entries.

            This is how it works:
            1. In the Organisation menu, open “Reports”.

            1. Click on the “Create report” button first and then on the “Edit filter” button to select the filter criteria you need.

            1. To generate the Bill accrual report, click on the "three dots" menu and select “Create accrual report for Xero”. 

            1. Fill in the mandatory fields: you need to enter the Bill accrual report narration, which will appear as the narration of the manual journal entry in Xero, the date, and the accrual account details. 
            2. Click on "Create" and your report will be generated automatically.

            1. Finally, go to the Manual Journals page in Xero, click on “Import” and select the file which was generated by ApprovalMax.
              The collection of line items from the selected Bills that are subject to accrual will now be added to the Manual Journal entry draft, ready for editing and posting within Xero.

            Updated: 06 Mar 2019 05:54 PM
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