How does the approval of Xero Bills work?

How does the approval of Xero Bills work?

ApprovalMax enables multi-step approval workflows for Xero Bills.

This is how it works:
  • Bills are created and submitted for approval in Xero, ApprovalMax or Dext.
  • ApprovalMax pulls these Bills including all relevant details and starts the multi-step approval workflow as pre-defined for them in ApprovalMax.
  • The respective managers get notified that their approval is required, and make their decision.
  • When all approvals are in place, the Bill status is changed to “Authorised” in Xero and the Bill is moved to the “Awaiting payment” list.
  • If one of the Approvers rejects a request, the respective Bill goes to the “Draft” list in Xero.
Learn how to set up an approval workflow for the approval of Xero Bills.

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