Xero Bill life cycle

Xero Bill life cycle

Bill creation

There are several ways of creating Bills in ApprovalMax, please follow this link for details: How you can create Bills in ApprovalMax.

Bill-to-PO matching

The current Bill Approvers, Purchase Order Requesters and Administrators of an Organisation can match not yet approved Bills with Purchase Orders that have been approved, but not marked as Billed, and state the same currency and supplier. You'll find more details on matching here: Bill-to-PO matching.

Bill approval and review process

When you submit a Bill for approval, it will run through the predefined workflow. Approvers in the first step who were also added as Reviewers can amend Bills during the approval flow. Only when all approvals have been collected for a Bill, it will be pushed to Xero in the "Awaiting Payment" status.
ApprovalMax does not work with a payment process. Once all approvals are in place, Bills are pushed to Xero with the status "Awaiting Payment" and include a detailed audit trail of the entire workflow as well as all attached documents.
In Xero, the responsible person adds a payment to these Bills, which changes their status to "Paid". This new status will then get synced to ApprovalMax as described in: How often is data synced with Xero?

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