Xero Batch Payments: partial payment

Xero Batch Payments: partial payment

ApprovalMax supports partial payments for Xero Batch Payment requests.

Here is how it works:
  1. Click on the  button in the right-hand corner.
  2. In your Organisation, select Batch Payment and click on CREATE A REQUEST:

  3. You can now add Bills to a Batch Payment by simply clicking on the ADD BILLS button:

  4. Tick the checkbox next to the Bills you want to add to the Batch Payment and click on ADD in the top right-hand corner. You can use filters to select Bills with specific criteria:

    You can hide the Bills reserved within other batches if you tick the respective checkbox.

  5. When all Bills have been added, specify the Payment Date as well as the Bank Account (header level) from which you want to pay:

On the item level, you can specify Details or a Bank Account for payments. These details will be auto-filled from a customer record, if set.

In the Payment field, add the amount that's to be paid.

Amount Due: the amount left to pay (calculates as the Bill's Amount Due minus the amount of the Bill in the Processing status minus the amount of the Bill in the On Approval status minus the amount of the Bill in Awaiting Payment status); it gets updated after the next synchronisation with Xero.

  1. A Bill’s amount due is pulled from Xero.
  2. An amount on approval is calculated as the Bill’s payment amount which is on approval within another Airwallex Batch Payments or Batch Payments.
  3. An amount in processing is calculated as the Bill’s payments which were sent with Airwallex but have not yet been Confirmed/Cancelled/Failed/Rejected. 
  4. An amount in Awaiting Payment status is calculated as the Bill’s payments which are in Airwallex Batch Payments with the status Awaiting Payment.
Payments: information about payments made towards a Bill. Payments can be made as a whole or partial payment in Xero via a payment assignment for individual Bills, or as part of a Batch Payment/Airwallex Batch Payment. 
For each Bill, a number of payments can be made but the total amount paid must be less or equal to the Bill's total amount.

  6. When done, click on the SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL button.

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