Why does the link to a Batch Payment in Xero state that it's been deleted when it was approved in ApprovalMax?

Why does the link to a Batch Payment in Xero state that it's been deleted when it was approved in ApprovalMax?

There are two possible reasons for why Batch Payments created and approved in ApprovalMax are shown as Deleted in Xero:
  1. The Batch Payment was removed in Xero after its approval
  2. The Batch Payment was changed in Xero after its approval
Unfortunately, when you change a Batch Payment in Xero, Xero marks that Batch Payment as Deleted and recreates it as a new one with the changes applied. 

ApprovalMax has no way of getting a link to that new document, so cannot update the original one in ApprovalMax. From the system's view, a changed document is a new document and such documents are not synced to ApprovalMax.
You can find modified Batch Payments in the list of Account Transactions in Xero:

Such Batch Payments will be cancelled* in ApprovalMax, which is recorded in the audit trail:

The Batch Payment Requester / Organisation Administrator gets notified about this by email.

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