Why is there no place to enter a PO number during Purchase Order creation?

Why is there no place to enter a PO number during Purchase Order creation?

QuickBooks Online auto-populates a PO number when the Purchase Order has been approved in ApprovalMax.
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    • When is the Purchase Order number assigned?

      As soon as a Purchase Order that you created is fully approved and sent to Xero, its Purchase Order number is assigned automatically. These numbers ascend incrementally. So, for example, if you have just started using Xero, your first Purchase Order ...
    • How do I select the currency for a QuickBooks Online Purchase Order?

      During Purchase Order creation, you can use either the currency which is set for the selected supplier or the default QuickBooks Online currency.
    • Xero Purchase Order life cycle

      Purchase Order creation There are two ways of creating Purchase Orders for authorisation in ApprovalMax; they can either be created directly in ApprovalMax or get pulled from Xero. Purchase Order approval When you submit a Purchase Order for ...
    • How can I restrict the Requesters of Purchase Orders?

      ApprovalMax allows restricting Requesters in terms of what data they can see and operate with when creating Purchase Orders. For example, access rights for the creation of Purchase Orders can be configured so that a particular Requester is allowed to ...
    • Why does the item code not show in the Purchase Order PDF?

      If you use ApprovalMax for Purchase Order creation, approval, and dispatch to the supplier, you'll probably want to see the item code in the corresponding PDF file.  However, there is no Item Code field in the default PDF template. To add it, open ...