Why do I not see the whole list of Purchase Orders when matching with Bills?

Why do I not see the whole list of Purchase Orders when matching with Bills?

ApprovalMax applies a limit to the number of Purchase Orders that are displayed, only the first 100 Purchase Orders are shown. 
We'd advise you to properly mark Purchase Orders as Billed once they are not needed for matching anymore.

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    • How can I match Bills with their initial Purchase Orders?

      The current Bill Approver, Purchase Order Requester, or the Administrator can match Bills and approved Purchase Orders with the same currency and supplier up to that point where the Bill got approved / the Purchase Order was closed - provided the ...
    • Which Purchase Orders are available for matching?

      Purchase Orders (PO) can only be matched to Bills if:  PO and Bill have the same Supplier and Currency  PO is not marked as "Billed". Billed status can be revised. PO date does not exceed the Bill date (if the "No, do not allow matching Bills with ...
    • How can I enable Bill to PO Matching?

      This is how you enable the Bill to PO matching feature: Go to Approval workflows > Bill Review and Approval workflow. Click on theicon and enable PO Matching. Now, you will see matching blocks for both Bills and Purchase Orders. Learn how to match ...
    • How does the approval of Xero Purchase Orders work?

      ApprovalMax enables the setup of multi-step approval workflows for Purchase Orders. There are two ways to create Purchase Orders: directly in ApprovalMax or in Xero. This is how the approval of Purchase Orders created directly in ApprovalMax works: ...
    • Who is allowed to match Bills to POs?

      The Bill to PO Matching feature is available to these persons: Current Bill Approver Purchase Order Requester The Organisation's Administrator