Why do I see a "Trial expired" message?

Why do I see a "Trial expired" message?

The "Trial expires" / "Trial expired" message appears to those who created a trial Organisation in ApprovalMax and set up approval workflows for this Organisation, or were added as an Administrator for a trial Organisation created in someone else's account.

This message is usually gone after the purchase of an ApprovalMax subscription but sometimes it keeps showing.

Reasons for this message popping up include:
  • A subscription was purchased but not automatically activated because of an error during the purchase process, or due to a technical error.

  • A subscription was purchased but not all trial Organisations were added to it. You can retire/delete Organisations that you don’t need any more to make sure they won’t trigger this message.

  • You are added as an Administrator for another trial Organisation which doesn’t belong to your account. In this case, you'll see the "Contact owner" button.

  • You never intended to set up an approval workflow yourself (because the Administrator does that for you) and started a trial by mistake.
Please contact us, if you need any help resolving this issue.

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