Why do I get an "5015 - Failed to validate signature" error?

Why do I get an "5015 - Failed to validate signature" error?

Sometimes you might get an email saying that ApprovalMax can't connect to Xero due to the "5015 - Failed to validate signature" error.

There is an ongoing technical issue that we currently can't overcome: the Xero connection breaks up if a Purchase Order has a file attached that contains some specific symbols which Xero does not accept.

In ApprovalMax, we have prohibited attaching files that contain any of such banned symbols. But although we know most of them, we occasionally discover new banned symbols and, unfortunately, we are not able to get a complete list of all banned symbols.

This is how you can fix the problem:
  • In any case, please contact us using the “Contact Support” button directly in ApprovalMax— we'll check which file (and which particular symbol) causes the problem and provide a fix which will prohibit attaching such files in the future.

  • You can also try to find out yourself which file is causing the problem and remove it from the Purchase Order.

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