Who gets notified about approvals, rejections and comments?

Who gets notified about approvals, rejections and comments?

Who gets notified about approvals:
  • The Requester gets notified about the approvals in each step.
  • All Approvers of a current step are notified about approvals pending their decision.
Please note: Approvers won't be notified about approvals made by other Approvers.
Who gets notified about comments:
  • The Requester gets notified about all comments.
  • The previous Approvers as well as the current Approvers of a step get notified about comments.
Please note: the Approvers of later steps won't be notified about comments.

Who gets notified about rejections:
  • The Requester gets notified about rejections.
Please note: Approvers are not notified about rejections.

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