Who has access to approval requests?

Who has access to approval requests?

The security logics in ApprovalMax restrict the access to approval requests.

Any particular request can only be seen by:
  • The Requester (the person who created the request)
  • The Approvers who make an approval decision for the request
  • The Organisation's Administrators
  • The Account Owner
  • The Auditor
No one else can see the request.

For more details please see the article:
  1. for Xero connected organisations Roles in ApprovalMax 
  2. for QuickBooks Online connected organisations Roles in ApprovalMax
  3. for Netsuite connected organisations Roles in ApprovalMax
  4. for organisations not connected to Xero or QuickBooks Online (use stand-alone requests) Roles in ApprovalMax

For questions related to information security, please refer to our Security Portal.
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