Who can mark Xero Purchase Orders as Billed?

Who can mark Xero Purchase Orders as Billed?

Xero Purchase Orders can be marked as Billed by:
  1. Administrators of Organisations in ApprovalMax
  2. Purchase Order Requesters
  3. Persons who are specified in the "Pull from Xero" section of a Purchase Order approval workflow (if Purchase Orders get created in Xero and then pulled to ApprovalMax)
  4. Directly in Xero, the status will be synced to ApprovalMax

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      When a Purchase Order has been fully approved / matched with a Bill, it can be marked as Billed in ApprovalMax and the status Billed will be synced to Xero. See who can mark Purchase Orders as Billed. To mark an approved Purchase Order as Billed, ...
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      Yes, it is possible to have Purchase Orders marked as "Billed" automatically with appropriate PO matching setting activated.
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      ApprovalMax supports the automatic marking of a Purchase Order as Billed on the approval of the last Bill matched to that Purchase Order - if the following conditions are met: All Bills matched to this Purchase Order have been pushed to Xero and ...
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