Which workflows does ApprovalMax support?

Which workflows does ApprovalMax support?

ApprovalMax supports workflows for several cloud accounting products and can also serve as a stand-alone solution.

ApprovalMax for Oracle NetSuite

  • Contract Approval
  • Expense Report
  • Payment Authorisation
  • Payment Batch Approval
  • Vacancy Candidate Approval

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    • Does ApprovalMax support NetSuite SSO?

      Currently, NetSuite SSO is not supported.  However, we do have this planned. Though, at the moment, we cannot commit to any timeframe.
    • ApprovalMax keeps getting disconnected from NetSuite

      Once in a while your Organisation might get disconnected from NetSuite.  This could be due to a variety of reasons, but can usually be resolved by connecting to NetSuite again.  In order to reconnect to NetSuite, click on the menu icon ( ) at the top ...
    • How to contact support

      For technical support: Please use the “Contact Support” button directly in the product: OR, if you don't use the product, fill in the form in our Knowledge base: 
    • How does the approval of NetSuite Bills work?

      ApprovalMax enables multi-step approval workflows for NetSuite Bills. This is how it works: Bills are created in NetSuite in the Pending Approval status. ApprovalMax pulls these Bills including all relevant details and starts the multi-step approval ...
    • Does ApprovalMax support Xero Expenses?

      We currently do not support Xero Expenses as Xero has not released an API yet. However, setting up suppliers for employees works perfectly in this respect. The option of Xero Bill creation in ApprovalMax should provide a rather good flow for employee ...